Does The Rothschild’s Family Control The World’s Money Supply? Here’s The Truth

The Rothschild’s power goes even deeper than you could ever imagine.

It seems that 2017 was the year where politics really happened, across the globe on a daily basis the world leaders were thrashing out their differences in a bid to make their citizens happy, often at the expense of other nations.

But that’s what they’re for isn’t it? Our (usually) elected world leaders are the figureheads of each nation, each with a duty to do best by their electorate, and this often boils down to the same issue – money.

The huge disparity in the distribution of wealth across the world is something that we are told we cannot do anything about. Sadly, some people are born rich and others born poor, that is the way of the world and it is drummed into us in every facet of life.

‘Living wages’ decided by mutli-billionaires on how much (or little) people are allowed to get by on, certain jobs being held by the nepotism of those in the right social circles, rich kids having access to better education.

But if you accept this way of the world, how long do you think things have been like this? Not forever, surely. In fact it was only around 100 years ago that the current global economic set-up was introduced, and there right at the beginning were the the Rothschild’s.

The Rothschild’s were cynical in their early business, taking advantage of wars and the stock market crash, they lend to the world’s banks at just the right time, with a rate of interest that meant they would be one of the richest families in the world for a long time.

Despite being such a predominant power in the world, they manage to keep out of the public eye exceedingly well, better that President Trump, Kim Jong Un and Theresa May, three of the world’s leaders who had to endure massive public humiliations this year, meanwhile the Rothschild’s  – the force that really controls things kept on ticking over in the background never making as much as a single front page.

The Rothschild’s influence is so great, there are only three nations in the entire world who do not have a central bank owed by the Rothschild’s, and these renegades are Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Is it a coincidence that these three nations have been the center of de-stabilizing efforts in recent years?

Every penny you have ever earned has been processed by a Rothschild’s owned bank, whether you realize it or not.

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